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W.D. Gann, legendary stock market trader W. D. Gann was a legend in the markets.

Over and over again during his long career on Wall Street, he revealed an uncanny ability to name the exact dates and the exact prices when trends would reverse in the stock and commodity markets.

Gann turned this precision timing knowledge into a fortune.

In 1908 he started out with $130 and turned it into $12,000 in 30 days.

In 1923 he took a $973 account and increased it to $30,000 in 60 days.

In 1933 he made 479 trades in the market, with 422 of them being profitable. With an accuracy of 88% he made 4000% profit.

In 1946 he started with $4,500 in capital and generated a net profit of $13,000 in three months, for a 400% rate of return.

How did Gann do it?

W. D. Gann died in 1955, and there are some who believe that he took the secret of his incredible market timing with him to his grave.

But Gann's techniques and money-making market insights are actually still available today.

They're all here, ready to boost your trading performance.

In fact, you can personally profit from W. D. Gann's approach to the markets and enjoy a huge advantage he never had for himself — a sophisticated set of computerized tools that make it easy for you to bring price and time together in successful trading strategies!

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Take a close look at your own trading.

That's where you can get amazing money-making results from "Profitable Trading with Planetary Timing" - a Galactic Trader workshop with Tim Bost.

It's a complete hands-on, up-close-and-personal trading workshop recorded live during a two-day session with a true expert on applying W. D. Gann tools to today's markets.

During that closed-door session Tim Bost, the editor and publisher of newsletter and the author of Gann Secrets Revealed, The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course, and many other astro-trading resources, shared his personal knowledge and unique insights as he presented a top-to-bottom explanation of all the powerful Gann tools featured in the Fibonacci Trader / Galactic Trader program.

Now, with this exciting set of 5 DVDs, you'll grab every moment of that workshop — and all the advanced trading methods will be yours to profit from again and again!

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Here's just some of what this advanced workshop explores:

  • Law of Vibration Harmonics
  • Profiting from Cyclic Phenomena
  • Price and Time Correlations
  • Creating Trading Systems
  • Dynamic Stop Loss Levels
  • First-Trade Horoscope Analysis
  • The Universal Clock Gann Wheel of 24
  • Mastery of the Trading Triad
  • Fine-Tuned Aspects Research
  • Effective Money Management
  • Astronomic Time Bands
  • Transneptunian Influences on the Markets
  • Planetary Price Lines
  • ETFs and Market Indices
... and a whole lot more!

While these DVDs are loaded with valuable information you can apply immediately in the markets, their true impact doesn't stop there.

Because this presentation was recorded live with a group of advanced astro-trading students, you'll get the full advantage of the participant questions, back-and-forth discussions, and in-depth trading examples that made the original event so extraordinary.

Put these tools, insights, and examples to work in your own trading today!

  • What to do if you're new to trading
  • Traders and neuroplasticity
  • How to set and use stop-loss levels
  • Setting price targets in your trading
  • Taking advantage of the planetary time clock
  • How to deal with hot tips in the market
  • Why you should master the Trading Triad
  • Profiting from key chart concepts
  • Customizing software to match your trades
  • Applying planetary systems profitably
  • The power of repetition for success
  • How to use W. D. Gann's Universal Clock
  • Fine-tuning aspect research for your trades
  • Using an ephemeris for quick analysis
  • Taking advantage of Transneptunian factors
  • Trading an Oil ETF
  • Taking losses without being a loser
  • The importance of First Trade dates
  • How planetary speeds affect the market
  • The real meaning of zodiac signs
  • Money management that keeps you in the market
  • Trading the S&P
  • Price correlations with planetary positions
  • Special opportunities for astro-traders
  • The core principles of planetary timing
  • Space, time, and energy in the trading environment
  • Using planetary time bands to your advantage
  • Applying harmonic principles in your trading
  • An in-depth look at price and value
  • Trading at the speed of Mars
  • Astrological events and market action
  • Planetary orbits and cyclic phenomena
  • Why you should look at current transits
  • The mystery of mirrored price lines
  • Correct highs and lows in the market
  • Creating automatic planet systems
  • Maximizing profits with strategic entry points
  • Choosing the best trading opportunities
  • Putting planetary timing into perspective
  • Combining price and time for market mastery
... and much, much more!

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  • How to use high-profit market timing strategies
  • How to connect successfully with market mega-trends for bigger profits
  • How to grab powerful advantages with multiple time frames
  • How to pick the most potent planetary price lines for any market
  • How to guard against big losses and protect your trading capital
  • How to match mathematical factors and planetary energies to synchronize with market action
  • How to use planetary price lines to confirm gaps and breakouts
  • How to prepare for market booby traps and disaster zones
  • How to spot big profit opportunities early
  • How to gain greater control with precision timing in every trade
... and more!

And There's More!

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BONUS # 3 — Fibonacci Trader/Galactic Trader real-time software. This is a fully-functional trial version of the sophisticated computer program that generates precise planetary price lines and proprietary trend indicators for high-precision market timing. It was used throughout the workshop to demonstrate profitable trading strategies, and when you install it on your own computer you'll discover fresh trading opportunities, too!


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